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Hello! It's my pleasure to welcome you to my personal web-site.

Though I've lived in a lot of places, I'm presently living in Spokane, Washington,where I returned when my mother took ill and needed looking after. When she passed on, I decided to stay on for at least awhile longer.

I've published over 200 books, under about 29 different pseudos. Forty-two of which, mainly under my William Maltese, Wm. Lambert, or Billy Lambert bi-lines, are presently available in online book stores, as well as in brick and mortar book stores in your local neighborhoods, like Barnes and Noble, Borders, Tower, etc.. Presently, I'm working on several projects, including: (1)trying to get all of my printed books into eBook formatting; more and more people electronically reading books, these days; (2) writing six novels for which I'm already contracted; likely to see me chained to my computer until sometime in 2020; (3) finishing up a contracted non-gluten help- and cookbook I'm doing with my niece, in which I hope to incorporate some information about, and recipes; (4) making regular twice-a-week installment postings to the ongoing free serialization (prior to its early next year print version) of my teen-angst vampire, werewolf, shape-shifter, witch, warlock, demon, dragon, chimera, candle-reader novel, FLICKER: TEEN-WARRIOR SAGA

While writing pretty much occupies most of my time, I do enjoy other things, like sunbathing on beaches in exotic locales. And, I've had the great pleasure to visit a very many of those, during my writing career, havingalready sailed around the world once. While I don't have as much time for rest and relaxation as I'd like, I do try to head off, whenever I can, to some new and exciting spot that I think will make a great setting for my next novel, or for some novel I have planned for up the way.

When not writing, or traveling, I, also, collect custom-made daggers, plus "Tarzan" comic books (along with a few other comic book titles). I also collect art, mainly Northwest, although I've (narcissistically) started a collection of commissioned pieces based upon one nude B&W photograph taken of me when I was a tad younger.

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